The Greek and Roman Masters

A course by

Dr. Datta G Sawant

(MA (English), NET, PGDBM, PGCTE, PhD)

Content of the Course (Pdf+Videos, 45 pages):

1. What is Literary Criticism & Theory? Definition, meaning, features & forms

2. Plato’s Theory of Literature: his views on literature, his criticism of poetry, his views on drama, his views on style

3. Aristotle’s Views on Literature: Poetry, Epic, Comedy & Style 

4. Aristotle’s Views on Literature: Tragedy structure of poetics, his concept of tragedy, definition, origin, constituent parts, structure of plot, three unities, simple & complex plot, his concept of tragic hero, etc. 

5. Horace: His Views on Poetry nature of poetry, function of poetry, subject matter of poetry, kinds of poetry, language of poetry, etc. 

6. Horace’s Views on Drama & Satire plot of the drama, characterization, style of the drama, his views on satire, etc. 

7. Longinus on Literature/ Longinus as a Critic his concept of sublimity and sources of sublimity

Author: Datta G Sawant

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