The Basics of Literature

A comprehensive course in English Literature, perfect for students of literature.

Content of the Course (Pdf+Videos, 73 pages):

1. What is Literature?

i. Definition and Qualities of Literature

ii. Famous Statements by Famous Scholars

iii. Genres and Famous Examples of Literature

2. What is Poetry? definitions, meaning & features of poetry

3. Forms of Poetry? various types/ kinds of poetry explained with examples

4. What is Drama? definition, features, forms/ types & examples of drama

5. What is Prose? definition, forms, features & examples of prose

6. What is Short Story? definition, features, famous examples

7. What is Novel/ Fiction? characteristics of novel, traditional & modern types of novel/ fiction, famous examples, recommendations for reading

8. What is Essay? definition, meaning, features & forms of essay

9. What is Biography & Autobiography? Definition, meaning, features & comparison

Author: Datta G Sawant

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