The English Criticism

A course by

Dr. Datta G Sawant (9130002008)

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Content of the Course (Pdf+Videos):

1. An Apology for Poetry by Sir Philip Sidney| Sidney as a Critic what is poetry & its function, origin, significance, types, comparison, Gosson’s attack on poetry, etc.

2. What is Dr. Samuel Johnson’s Criticism? Views on historical approach, poetry, kinds of poetry, versification, diction, drama, etc.

3. Johnson’s Preface to the Plays of William Shakespeare: Shakespeare a timeless & universal poet, his faults/ demerits, Elizabethan Age, on his text, etc.

4. Biographia Literaria by ST Coleridge| Coleridge as a Critic: full explanation of Biographia Literaria and Coleridge’s views on theory of imagination, concept of art, poem & poetry, diction & language, genius & talent, etc.  

5. Tradition and the Individual Talent by T S Eliot| Summary & Analysis: value of tradition and impersonal theory of poetry, etc.

6. I. A. Richards as Critic of Critics: his principles of literary criticism

Author: Dr. Datta G Sawant

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