Become a Perfect Online Teacher
1st to 8th October, 2020
A comprehensive & complete course with practical and live demos:
1. Online Teaching Course for all teachers in INDIA 
2. Disclosing the online Teaching-Learning Technology through simplest and effective method
3. An opportunity to learn every important aspect by practical
4. Live practical of “How to conduct live classes”
5. Teach online as per “New Education Policy 2020 & UGC”
6. Delivery of course through live sessions with doubt clearance
7. From the very basic things to direct live teaching, recording and uploading on OER, everything in single course
Topics Covered:
Facecam Video
Off Face Video
Video Editing
Screen Recording Video
Video from PPT (only)
YouTube Live
Complete OBS
Zoom (YT Connecting)
Google Meet
Jio Meet
Google Classroom
Student Test & Evaluation
10k+ teachers trained till date   

1. Each day as per modules, you will get videos a day before through your registered e-mail. 
2. Please watch all the videos carefully and serially. 
3. Every day there will be live session at 7.30-8.30 pm (on Zoom/ Google Meet).
4. Please join telegram channel 

Contacts: Dhanaji Patil: 9890926179  Bhagwan Ghute: 8208637389 Datta Sawant: 9130002008

Author: Datta Sawant, Bhagwan Ghute & Dhanaji Patil

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