E-Content Development

A course by

Dr. Datta Sawant (शिक्षा Prenuer

Dr. Bhagwan Ghute (GeoEntire

Mr. Dhanaji Patil (Fisheries Only


Content of the Course (complete video course based on demo & practical):





Day 1

Module I

Hard & Soft Tools

1.     Introduction to the Course

2.     Basic Equipment

3.     Advanced Equipment

4.     Video Editing Software

Day 2

Module II

Video Shooting & Editing

5.     How to Shoot a Video? Demo

6.     Video Editing in Mobile

7.     Video Editing (laptop/ DC)

Day 3

Module III

Video & Audio Editing

8.     Video Editing (laptop/ DC)

9.     Video Editing (laptop/ DC)

10.            Audio Editing

Day 4

Module IV

Off Face Video Making

11.            Video Making by Using PPT

12.            Video Making (recording screen)

13.            White Board Animations

14.            Screen Recording Video

Day 5

Module V

Video Uploading

15.            How to Reduce Large Video Size?

16.            How to Make HD Thumbnail?

17.            How to Upload Video? (Laptop/ DC)

18.            How to Upload Video? (Mobile)

Last Day

Module VI

YouTube Live Streaming

19.            Our Experiences & Tips

20.            Questions & Answers (QnA)

This course is also available in Marathi:

प्रोफेशनल शैक्षणिक व्हिडिओ निर्मिती कोर्स

Author: Datta Sawant, Bhagwan Ghute & Dhanaji Patil

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