Volume One

English grammar is a much discussed topic. There is much discussion about how much importance we should give to teach the English grammar and on what level. There is also a debate on its importance to acquire the language. If we accept importance of teaching English grammar the question remains ‘where to start?’ These uncertainty and indefiniteness have given birth to thousands of English grammar books everywhere in the world though few are useful and have connected to the real doubts of the students who face English as a foreign language.

I am, as a teacher of English, teaching English to the countryside students as a foreign language, face the real problems. For example, whatever knowledge of English grammar students have, they believe everything follows the main verb is an object. They think a bird in ‘I see a bird’ a student in ‘I am a student’ and to school in ‘I go to school’ are objects. Therefore we cannot expect from them an answer of the question ‘Identify the subordinate clause and name it’ which they have in their examination at the school level.    

My book English Grammar Gita is an effort to address questions raised in the minds of students who face English as a second or foreign language. All the volumes cover, in sequence: word classes, determiners, phrases, clause types, clause elements, sentence types and at last tenses. I studied all these items comprehensively and took care of each single and minor important part of these items. As it has become a bulky book, I divided English Grammar Gita into three books. English Grammar Gita volume one is a book of 504 pages, contains a detailed study of three word classes noun, pronoun and verb.

The first volume provides a comprehensive study of three word classes, their types, and their usages in sentences, clause structure, idiom, question tag, etc. It is an attempt to simplify the grammar of these word classes to the highest level possible. The book is unique in having more than 5000 miscellaneous examples and more than 80 tables for clarification considering both the school and college students as learners of English. The examples given are in the formal language, whenever necessary equivalent commonly acceptable informal sentences are also given in the brackets.

A reader can enjoy many features of English Grammar Gita while reading. One of the aims of this book is to simplify the teaching and learning of the English grammar. I am confident that students and teachers will find this book immensely useful.

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Author: Ravishankar S Subnis