The most intimate and personal form of writing, biography and autobiography is a non-fictional category of literature. It is based on the real life development and experiences of a person. It helps us to understand how a successful person grew up with all the aspects of his/ her personality and environment. It is a true story of a person’s life. Here the central aim is to reveal the overall growth and layers of the development of personality to readers. The author of biography who is called biographer tries to create a word account of the actions and deeds of an individual through his/ her historical and personal perspective. Biography can be written on any individual who is significant for others or society or whose deeds need to be analysed and understood for the welfare of humankind. Such individuals may be from long ago or past history or may be contemporary living beings. It is a highly subjective form of writing but need to be a true account and the biographer must be objective and devoid of prejudice and favouritism.

          For the first time, the term, biography has been used by John Dryden in 1683 to denote “the history of particular men’s lives”. He did not mention all men but particular means those who are significant. It’s historical account of the life of particular individual, but not a mere history. There are other definitions too:..

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