Generally we use novel and fiction as the alternative words. But there is a little difference between them. Fiction is any prose writing which is completely fictitious or imaginative though it may inspired by a true story or real life event. Fiction is comprised of novel, short story and novella. Novel is a genre of fiction and fiction is a broader term to novel. And novella is a short form of novel. It is larger than short story and shorter to full length novel.  

          Today, novel or fiction is the most popular form of literature. A wealth of novels are being written and read every day. This form of writing has gained an extensive response around the world. In many Indian (native) languages, it has become very famous and receiving a huge readership. It is a powerful medium of sharing human emotions and it is also revealing the unrest deep stuck in the society. According to Gary Shteyngart, ‘strangely enough, fiction, which is made up, can tell the truth behind the lies’. The features of short story (see article What is Short Story), on a larger extent are the features of novel. Novel is the full and developed version of short story.

          To understand the novel, let’s see the characteristics of the novel: 

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