3. The Third/ Current Phase (1950-till date): this is the contemporary most vibrant phase of Indian English Fiction. Many new authors tried their hands successfully in writing and enjoyed career as English fiction writer. Socio-political and economic fluctuations were at the core of writing in 60s-80s and later it changed to more minute observations of individual and the public life. The span of 50 years from 1950 onwards witnessed a steady, continuous and charming growth of English fiction. The readership of English writing increased at larger extent and newly educated middle class offered a huge potential market for English books. It’s difficult to go through every work and author of contemporary English fiction in this short space, but still let’s understand the major and noteworthy novelists and their popular fiction in brief; first let’s begin with the famous trio (Anand-Narayan-Rao) from last phase:

1.     Mulk Raj Anand: his novels which spanned in this phase are

1.     Two Leaves and a Bud (1951): second Indian edition

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