Although India has a great tradition of culture and literature, novel, as we consider today is not a native form of literature. Indian English novel is an imitation of the English (British) novel. Banabhatta’s Kadambari and Subandhu’s Vasavdatta of the 7th century are claimed as first Indian novels in Sanskrit but both have vast difference compared to today’s form. Indian English novel is a recent development in British Raj i.e. of the 19th century. First the form was flourished in native language like Bengali and later in the same period travelled to other languages. These novels were translated into English. Today, the scene of Indian English novel has become so vast that hundreds of novels and stories are being written and published every year. These novels have engulfed with varied kinds of themes and subject matters. It has been a very popular form of reading and writing and hence appeared as a distinct branch of study in many universities where it received an exciting response and support from teachers and students.  

          The confluence with British and their literature resulted in the imitation of the form novel. Initial stories written as novels were in scattered form and serially published in journals. To study

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