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You can contribute your articles and courses:

The contributor need to follow the following things to contribute on literaturesimply.com
  1. Contributor can send the article or course to be uploaded on the website.
  2. Contributor must adhere to the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the website mentioned in the Privacy Policy.
  3. We have a review system. Each article and course will be reviewed and consent will be sent to e-mail of the contributor. And after it, the article or course will be uploaded to the website.
  4. The contributor has to send written consent through a form we sent. After signing the form contributor will become an authorized author on the website.
  5. The articles uploaded on the website are free to read but courses are paid. If the author or contributor wants to earn money, he/ she has to design courses and sent it to upload.
  6. The contributor will get 70% of the profit. The payment will be sent to bank account provided by contributor around the date 10- 15 of every month. The minimum payment threshold is Rs.500/-.
  7. We recommend to design courses.
  8. There is no limit of the subject or stream or faculty to create courses.
  9. You can send courses in English, Hindi and Marathi.
  10. We believe in transparency and sincerity and hence expect the same from contributor.
  11. We strictly prohibit the plagiarized material. The articles and courses should be original and created by contributor himself/ herself.
  12. We are not responsible for any issue arised from article or course of the contributor, it is the whole responsibility of contributor. If any complaint or issue raised with the article or course by anyone, we will investigate the matter, and if needed, remove the article or course uploaded.
  13. To contribute articles and courses, e-mail your article or course to Contactliteraturesimply@gmail.com